Exciting Announcement from Storm-Tex Services/Double Oak Storm Tex

To whom it may concern:
On November 28, 2017 there was a change of some ownership of Storm-Tex Services, LLC.
There are now five partners, each holding 20% of the company. The names of the new owners, along with founding owner Brad Flack, are RC Caviness, Joe Mattingly, Brian Rodel and Jim Winter. Part of the reason for the change in ownership was to bring Storm-Tex Services, LLC into the family of Double Oak Companies. By aligning with Double Oak Construction and Double Oak Erosion, Double Oak Storm Tex can now offer more services to its clients while also handling the compliance and permitting for the clients of the other 2 companies.

The previously existing estimates, invoices, contracts, and agreements all remain unchanged with regards to pricing or terms. In fact, because we are still legally Storm-Tex Services, LLC, we have also retained the same Federal EIN of 46-1015547. There is a new payment remit address, which is PO Box 979 Waller, TX 77484. Payments can be made to Storm-Tex Services or to Double Oak Storm Tex, whichever appears on the invoice that was sent to you.

Below you will find an updated list of contacts and emails, our phone number remains

Brad Flack, CPESC, CESSWI | President | bflack@doubleoakinc.com
Brian Rodel, PE, CESSWI |Vice President | brodel@doubleoakinc.com
Max Sestili, CFM, CMS4S, CESSWI | Industrial Services Project Manager | msestili@doubleoakinc.com
Kim Hamilton | SWPPP Program Coordinator | khamilton@doubleoakinc.com
Lauri Nelson | SWQ Renewals Coordinator | lnelson@doubleoakinc.com
Mike Zarro, CSI | Compliance & Operations Manager | mzarro@doubleoakinc.com
Josh Tees| Field Service Manager | jtees@doubleoakinc.com
Lyndsey Peterson | Controller,AR, AP | lpeterson@doubleoakinc.com

We appreciate your business and the opportunity to continue serving you. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email.

In your service,







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