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Let us create your Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan for construction and then handle the week to week services for your site. Our staff of experienced professionals work with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to get the SWPPP you need created, reviewed, edited, and approved, helping you comply with the TPDES(pdf) and NPDES. We’ll fill out all of the necessary documents and help you submit them to the correct jurisdictions.  We can update a previous plan or create one from scratch; you direct us in the level of your need. Once the plan has been approved, we can help you keep in compliance going forward with our full menu of storm water related services.

TCEQ Inspection (pdf)

TCEQ has recently released a Slideshow to help you learn more about what TCEQ Stormwater Investigators and Inspectors are looking for on Industrial and Construction sites…click here to view it.

“Storm-Tex Services does a great job of making sure we are aware of what we need with regard to our SWPPP on our projects. They are not just selling a bill of goods. They are open, honest and straight forward. I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy working with Brad and the team at Storm-Tex Services.” Chad C.




Filtrexx logsWe are proud to offer EviroWashout, the best management practice (BMP) for concrete truck washout and batch plant washout solutions. These units nearly eliminate all exposure of wash water to storm water and ground water contamination which is the maximum extent practicable. The newly released Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (TPDES) Construction General Permit (CGP) TXR150000 states in Part IV that Best Management Practices be used to prevent concrete wash water or waste water from entering into the surface runoff and in Part V it lists out requirements for truck washouts:
“This general permit authorizes the wash out of concrete trucks at construction sites regulated under Sections II.E.1., 2., and 3. of this general permit, provided the following requirements are met. Authorization is limited to the land disposal of wash out water from concrete trucks. Any other direct discharge of concrete production waste water must be authorized under a separate TCEQ general permit or individual permit.porto potty

  1. Direct discharge of concrete truck wash out water to surface water in the state, including discharge to storm sewers, is prohibited by this general permit.
  2. Concrete truck wash out water shall be discharged to areas at the construction site where structural controls have been established to prevent direct discharge to surface waters…to prevent runoff from the construction site.
  3. Wash out of concrete trucks during rainfall events shall be minimized. The direct discharge of concrete truck wash out water is prohibited at all times, and the operator shall insure that its BMPs are sufficient to prevent the discharge of concrete truck wash out as the result of rainfall or stormwater runoff.
  4. The discharge of wash out water must not cause or contribute to groundwater contamination.
  5. If a SWP3 is required to be implemented, the SWP3 shall include concrete wash out areas on the associated site map.

Call us today for pricing and options for your needs to help you stay in compliance with the law at 832-510-7250.

“In 20 years of serving the Greater Houston area as a land clearing contractor I have had the privilege of working with a rare, few people that I would stake the integrity of my company upon…Brad and Storm-Tex Services is one of those few. Brad and his team are proven leaders in their field. Brad can decipher the most complex issues with genius and has established himself as a man of his word.” Daniel D.


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Stormwater Enviro Disaster

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We also offer digital rain gauges and weather stations to help minimize the paperwork and personnel cost associated with keeping track of the data required for your industrial permit.

Storm-tex Weather station HoustonSome of the benefits include:

* Digital Collection, Logging and Readout of Up to the Minute Rainfall Events
* Alerts for High Wind, High or Low Temperature or Different levels of Rainfall Events
* Remote access to data from the Weather Station
* Saves money on the Human cost of manual rain gauges or missed rainfall events
* Helps keep track of rainfall events for down or lost time
* Wireless installation, Remote Monitoring online, and Easy to use software included
* Meets TCEQ, and Local Jurisdictional Requirements for your site
We partner with different manufacturers to find the proper and correct Best Management Practice for your site, including erosion control blankets, turf reinforcement mats, inlet protection, Filtrexx logs, and more! Email us for more information!


Watch these videos to learn more about these BMP/MEP systems:

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