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Pond Maintenance, Overhauls, Rehabilitations, Repairs, and Re-seeding.

Whether your detention pond has been neglected for years or has been scrupulously manicured, we can do it. When it comes to Stormwater Management, Double Oak Storm Tex is the home of your trusted business advisors and stormwater investment specialists.

We do complete pond overhauls, rehabilitations, repairs, and re-seeding. We can also provide you with turf establishment on a new or recently graded pond. We also perform overseeding of existing ponds with Bermuda in the warm months and with Rye in the cool months, both along with fertilizer to strengthen the roots and stems of the plants.

Seeder and implanter attachment at work on a pond

Seeder and implanter attachment at work on a pond

Pond maintenance - before




Detention ponds are typically designed with some form of vegetation as the erosion controlling agent.  The care and maintenance of this grass should not be taken lightly, as the alternatives are concreting the pond at enormous costs or re-digging and rehabilitating the pond every few years at a large cost.  It is much more affordable and better for the site and the environment,  to properly maintain a stand of grass, rather than the previously mentioned alternatives.


Concrete channel cleaning

Proper maintenance varies from site to site depending on soil type, annual rainfall amounts, steepness of slopes, etc… but the basic outline is as follows:  Mowing monthly, and the reason for this is to keep the grass low.  This does not mean scalping the grass on each service, as that can also burn the vegetation.  Try to keep the grass anywhere from 3″ to 12″.  This will allow the grass to remain healthy while also keeping it short enough to force it to grow sideways and down (read: controlling erosion).

Amenity pond with walking trail; Storm-Tex Pond Maintenance

Amenity pond with walking trail

What About Sandy Clay?

Soil is the building block that stormwater plans and strategies should be based upon. You need to know what characteristics you are up against or are in your favor on each site and even sub areas of a site.

This is an example of a sandy clay soil with a deposit layer of calcium carbonate or calciferous nodules. When found naturally occurring on a site, you must overcome them with a more aggressive maintenance program. The basic micro and macro nutrients of a plant include calcium, however it is bound up in such a way that the vegetation can’t use it and so it actually repels the vegetation.

The same situation is happening in this photo which shows a sandy clay soil with a layer of iron oxide or iron ore pellets. Again, the vegetation can’t use this iron like it is and so it is repelled.

“I would like to say that the guys did excellent work and they did a great job in showing me all of the steps throughout the process.” Cory L.

Detention pond overhaul heavy machinery

Detention pond overhaul

pond inspection

Walking a pond during an inspection

Fertilizer of your choosing should be added at least once and up to 3 or more times per year based on the need.  Consult a professional for more help on this.  We also recommend overseeding the pond with Rye seedevery Fall.  This does a few things.  It allows the Rye grass to actively grow on the pond which means it will be controlling erosion and using up damaging water on the soil while Bermuda or other warm weather grasses are going into hibernation.  Its clippings act as a slow release compost fertilizer for the warm season grasses in the Spring. Finally it looks great. There is no reason to have your pond look great in the Spring/Summer and then fall apart and deteriorate in the Fall/ Winter. Its affordable and effective. We also recommend that certain sites get overseeded in the Spring with Bermuda seed to reinforce the grass that exists and help control erosion even further.  Inspections are a preventative maintenance practice.  Checking on the condition of the slopes, the outfall pipes and other features of a pond can alert the customer of an up and coming problem that can be addressed for a fraction of the cost of waiting until it all falls apart. Furthermore, if your pond is permitted, the inspections are a required best management practice…which would include photos, inspection report and any applicable recommendations. Call us at 832-510-7250 for a consultation, and we will help you make sense of your detention pond’s needs.



pond maintenance - properly fertilized and over seeded by Storm-Tex Houston

Properly fertilized and over seeded pond

pond before