Inlet Inserts

FlexStorm inlet insert

The FlexStorm inlet removes trash, debris, sediment and even any oil from runoff prior to entering the storm sewer system

Storm water consultants and consumers across the country now have a universal structural BMP to address the issue of storm sewer inlet protection. The FLeXstorm system is inexpensive, configurable and adjustable and offers more versatility to fit the wide array of drainage structures throughout the United States while offering various levels of filtration. FLeXstorm Inlet Filters are the preferred choice for inlet protection and storm water runoff control.

These FLeXstorm units are comprised of a configurable, adjustable Inlet Filter suspension system supporting a suspended sediment bag, which filters the storm water runoff below grade through a geotextile fabric with a typical flow rate of 145 gpm. The FLeXstorm Inlet Filter System sediment bags are clog resistant Woven Monofilament geotextiles for high silt jobsites, and oil absorption and hydrocarbon removal booms. On construction sites, using these inlet inserts as a BMP, once a job is complete the re-usable filter frame system can be cleaned, removed and carried to the next jobsite equipped with a new sediment bag (if needed) using only a screwdriver.


  • Configurable: Steel frames configured to fit ANY storm drainage structure
  • Adjustable: Rectangular frames are adjustable in 1/2” increments up to 5” per side
  • Reusable: Replaceable geotextile sediment bags designed for construction or post construction applications
  • Affordable: Low per-unit cost; installs in seconds; easily maintained with Universal Removal Tool (no machinery required)
  • Effective: Works below grade; overflow feature allows streets to drain with full bag; prevents ponding


[BEFORE] Grate Inlet Skimmer Baskets must be maintained in order to keep them functioning and in compliance



Inlet Insert Maintenance

Part of the inspection process is to determine the wear and tear on the consumable storm boom. On GRATE INLET SKIMMER BASKETS (GISB) units, the process includes emptying the basket of debris and sediments as well as replacing the storm boom when needed. The storm boom should be replaced when it starts to darken and appears saturated or begins to break apart. On ADS FlexStorm units there is either a storm boom around the perimeter at the top or a floating absorbent storm boom. In either case, this storm boom should be replaced when it starts to darken and appears saturated or begins to break apart. Call us today for a site inspection and evaluation of your inlet inserts to determine what condition and possible maintenance may be needed to keep your site in compliance.