Industrial Storm Water Permits

TCEQ has renewed the TPDES Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP) ​for industrial facilities, TXR050000, which is valid August 14, 2016 through August 2021. Also called the Industrial Storm Water Permit. All existing permit holders must have renewed within the allotted window (August 14, 2016 through November 14, 2016) or they will have been forced into re-applying for coverage altogether. ​Double Oak Storm Tex is poised to assist you in the renewal of YOUR industrial storm water permit! Call us today at 832-510-7250 or 210-201-6401 or 214-997-3154 or email us at
  1. TXR050000 Fact Sheet
  2. TXR050000 MSGP (Multi-Sector General Permit)

Storm-Tex Site SignTCEQ industrial storm water permits can be confusing, but it’s our goal to take the headache out of the process.  When it comes to Stormwater Management, Double Oak Storm Tex is the home of your trusted business advisors and stormwater investment specialists. We fill out and file the notice of intent for you, perform the quarterly inspections with supporting photographs, and handle the site-specific laboratory services. If you need a plan or to have yours updated, we can also handle this for you at a very affordable rate. We work with the local jurisdictional agencies to maintain your compliance. You’ve got enough to think about, let us take this load off of your shoulders.

Current Industrial Storm Water Clients

“After a visit by the local environmental inspector, we were told that our efforts along with those of Double Oak Storm Tex are setting the bar for storm water and environmental compliance at Hobby Airport.” -Robert W.

We seek to partner with you and your site to search the wide array of compliance resources available and provide you with the best solution at a fair price.

We also offer digital rain gauges and weather stations to help minimize the paperwork and personnel cost associated with keeping track of the data required for your industrial permit.

Some of the benefits include:

Filtrexx logs

Metalloxx can remove heavy metals from runoff prior to leaving a site

* Digital Collection, Logging and Readout of Up to the Minute Rainfall Events
* Alerts for High Wind, High or Low Temperature or Different levels of Rainfall Events
* Remote access to data from the Weather Station
* Saves money on the Human cost of manual rain gauges or missed rainfall events
* Helps keep track of rainfall events for down or lost time
* Wireless installation, Remote Monitoring online, and Easy to use software included
* Meets TCEQ, and Local Jurisdictional Requirements for your site

TCEQ has recently released a Slideshow to help you learn more about what TCEQ Stormwater Investigators and Inspectors are looking for on Industrial and Construction sites…click here to view it.

The EPA’s 2015 final ruling of Waters of the U.S. Can be summed up in this fact sheet…

“I have known Brad for a number of years. He and his team are extremely proactive, resourceful and knowledgeable, and they have a way of anticipating customer needs and adjusting accordingly. I highly recommend Brad and his company Double Oak Storm Tex.” -Steve M.

We partner with different manufacturers to find the proper and correct Best Management Practice for your site, including erosion control blankets, turf reinforcement mats, inlet protection, Filtrexx logs, and more! Email us for more information!

Industrial Hazards:

Harris County City of Houston


TCEQ Inspection (pdf)
Bexar County Rainfall Data Map
Tarrant County Rainfall Data Map
Harris County Rainfall Data Map
Dallas County Rainfall Map
Travis County Rainfall Data Map
2016-2021 TCEQ Multi-Sector General Permit (Texas Industrial Stormwater Permit)
Fort Bend County Rainfall Map
TCEQ List of SIC codes that require the MSGP

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