City of Houston Storm Water Quality Permit

City of Houston Storm Water Quality PermitWe handle your City of Houston storm water quality permit from beginning to end.

Most permitted sites must also be inspected monthly and we handle this for our customers by filling out inspection reports, taking photographic evidence of the site’s monthly condition, and alerting you the customer if a problem should arise.

Our permit renewal services include all certifications, completion of all required documents & stamp/seal by a licensed professional engineer. We also submit any supporting documents as may be required for permit renewal at City’s request, transfer of ownership, change of name or amendment/change of permitted permanent storm water quality feature.

According to the City of Houston Storm Water Quality Design Manual:

“13.05 DESIGN STANDARDS In 4-d: Mow dry swales as required during growing season to maintain grass heights in the 4 to 6 inch range. Wet swales, employing wetland vegetation or other low maintenance ground cover do not require frequent mowing. Remove sediment when 25% of the original water quality volume has been exceeded.”


Please note the following ordinances from the Fall of 2016:

City of Houston, Texas, Ordinance-No. 2016-864
City of Houston, Texas, Ordinance-No. 2016-848
City of Houston, Texas, Ordinance-No. 2016-794

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City of Houston SWQ Penalties Notice, 2017 from 01/02/17
City of Houston Ordinance 2010-1016
COH SWQ post construction certification annual
COH SWQ permit_application 2015
COH SWQ_owners_affidavit_annual
City Of Houston SWQ Permit Fees 2017