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Training employees about stormwater on their own turf helps connect the dots

The EPA does require that all sites with with a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan provide employee training.  They state: Stormwater training is required for all employees who work in areas where industrial activities or material handling activities are exposed to stormwater, or who are responsible for implementing activities necessary to meet the conditions of this permit . These employees include inspectors, maintenance personnel, and all members of your Pollution Prevention Team . The training session or sessions are expected to cover the contents of the facility SWPPP, control measures implemented to achieve compliance with applicable discharge requirements, spill containment and cleanup procedures, maintenance, monitoring, inspection, planning, reporting, and documentation requirements.

employee training

Employees that understand the WHY of stormwater will be much more likely to assist in the compliance process

EPA recommends that training be conducted for any applicable employees at least annually and whenever a new employee starts who meets the description above. You should have a sign-in/sign-out sheet at each training class to document that employees have participated . Keep the sign-in/sign-out sheet with your SWPPP.

Double Oak Storm Tex is prepared to assist in your training requirements. We offer no minimums on attendees, informative videos for better retainment, and a short, fun but effective quiz to assure everyone is paying attention, along with required sign in sheet for your records. The cost of non-compliance or violation is a lot more expensive than keeping up with your annual training.  Call us today for your free estimate on required employee training.

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Sometimes the best management practices are simple good housekeeping measures which prevent non-stormwater discharges on your site