Aggregate Processing Operation

aggregate processing operation

Aggregate processing operation

The TCEQ states that you must register each location where you:

  • dig, quarry, remove, or extract aggregate from the ground in any other way
  • crush, wash, sort, or process these raw materials in any other way

There is a registration fee to become an APO. The registration fee for a portable aggregate processing plant is the same, regardless of the acres disturbed. For all other APOs, the registration fee is based on the number of acres disturbed.

When you measure the area disturbed, include all:

  • pits, quarried areas, and other extraction areas
  • stripped areas
  • haulage ramps
  • land used for a processing plant
TCEQ Fee for Paper Forms TCEQ Fee for Online Forms
Portable Processing Plant $300 $225
0 – 10 acres disturbed $300 $225
>10 and <= 50 acres disturbed $500 $375
>50 and <= 100 acres disturbed $700 $525
>100 acres disturbed $950 $712.50

Do you need help registering your APO, or need more information? Call us at 832-510-7250 and ask for Max or email him at